Sautéed Rapini and Imitation Crab

This meal is so easy to prepare. You will need to adjust the ingredients for the number of servings required. This recipe serves 2 people.

1 bunch rapini (or broccolini)IMG_2174 (2)
1 package Imitation Crab
2 potatoes, or as many as desired
garlic as desired
cooking oil for fries
olive oil for rapini
lemon sliced

First, wash and cut the potatoes into fry size pieces. Dry the potatoes as much as you can so they don’t splatter. Heat the oil until medium-high heat in a deep saucepan or fryer. Add the fries and cook until golden. Remove and place on several layers of paper towel to remove oil. Salt while they are still hot.

Secondly, separate the imitation crab pieces. You could use either the chunks or the sticks. Place in the bottom of a glass baking dish. Add enough water to almost cover the fish. Cover with lemon slices and bake in a pre-heated 350F oven for 20-25 minutes.

Lastly, cut the stems of the rapini close to the bottom of the leaves. Don’t use the stems as they are stringy. Wash, drain, and chop the rapini as small as possible (otherwise it is stringy).

Then cut the garlic cloves (as much as desired) into think slices across the length. I love garlic so I used 4 good sized garlic cloves. Add olive oil to a medium-high heated frying pan and once heated add garlic and sauté. Don’t let the garlic burn as it gets bitter. Once the garlic is soft and lightly coloured add the rapini and sauté until heated through. Squeeze lemon over the rapini before serving.

Serve and enjoy!

NOTE: I use the Ikea 365 deep pot with the fryer insert (not sure if it’s still available) – it’s great!  This pot also has a pasta insert to be purchased separately.


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